5 Year Photo Anniversary 


Today marks the five year anniversary of Team Reed's adventure to the Grand Island Ice Caves in Munising shooting for Wednesdays In the Mitten on March 26, 2014. 

"Artist In Heaven" by Todd Reed 
D600, F11 at 1/125, ISO 100, 14-24mm lens at 24mm

Brad is in heaven shooting ice sculptures created by mineral-colored water running down and seeping through the rocky cliffs of Grand Island. The massive ice walls that create the caves extend more than 50 feet up the rocky cliff walls. We are experiencing beauty beyond belief after hiking about a mile across ice-covered Lake Superior at the mouth of Munising Bay, frozen solid by one of the coldest winters in decades.

Ice Art" by Brad Reed
D7000, F9 at 1/60, ISO 100, 10-20mm lens at 10mm 

My dad and I would probably never have ventured across the ice on Lake Superior to the Grand Island Ice Caves if it were not for Facebook. We both spend a lot of time on Facebook looking at other Michigan photographer’s work. Several people had been posting excellent photographs of the ice caves near Munising, Michigan and we knew we had to go. We called our friends Mike Schlitt, Bill Dietrich, and Wally Barkley and the five of us made the journey to Grand Island.

256_Brad_Reed_3068_Wednesday_March_26_2014_Krypton_Redone_in_CS6_Greg_r2_1000px_Watermarked_Facebook_copy.jpg"Krypton" by Brad Reed
D7000, F9 at 1/80, ISO 100, 10-20mm lens at 11mm

Was Superman born here? That is what I kept asking myself as I stood in wonder looking at the glorious ice caves on Grand Island near Munising, Michigan. The colors and formations were like nothing I had ever seen. They did not look real and it is hard to get a sense of scale from this photograph of how large these caves actually are.